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This is something that 99% of all people have.
A chronic condition by which the physical connections between the buttocks and head are reversed, causing fecal material to spew from the mouth. Conventional treatments include wiring the jaws shut or the prompt use of a gag ball.
ACIS is more harmful to those coming in contact with the ACIS person than the ACIS person him/herself. Even casual contact results in looks of disbelief, screaming and the uncontrollable urge to place one’s hands over one’s ears and yell “Make it stop”. Family and friends living with an ACIS patient are advised to wear ear plugs, or in more extreme cases, to drive shiskabob spears through their ears.
Not to be confused with having Head-Up-Assitisis or Asshatoses.
The only known cure is to do PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and put into practice what you learn!
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