Middle Eastern Woman In NYC Decapitated 7-Yr-Old With ‘Kitchen Knife’ – Media REFUSES To Report It (VIDEO)

New York state police last week responded to multiple frantic calls saying there was a suicidal woman holding a knife in the rural town of Sweden in New York State.

Deputies arrived at the home to find Hanane Mouhib holding a large-bladed kitchen knife which she wouldn’t put down. They were forced to use pepper spray and a stun gun to subdue her. But after they did they made a gruesome discovery. A decapitated child laying on the floor.

Court documents later confirmed that Mounhib first stabbed her 7-year-old son Abraham Cardenas in the back and then proceeded to decapitate him. Although her husband and mother-in-law, along with Abraham’s 10-year-old brother were all home when this gruesome killing took place, state police say it was an isolated incident which had no warning signs whatsoever.

But what was perhaps the strangest twist in this tragic murder is that Mouhib worked at a Rochester psychiatric center as a licensed nurse practitioner and in March she actually called the police twice to have them arrange to take into a psychiatric unit in Rochester.

She has now been booked on Second Degree murder and she’s being held without bail after she pleaded “not guilty.”

Brockport district superintendent Lesli Myers called the murder “a very shocking situation for us,” remembering the first-grader at Barclay Elementary School as an “engaged learner” who “lit up a room any time he entered it.” She then added that grief counselors would be sent to the school Monday when students return after spring break.

Via the Democrat & Chronicle:

“A pair of frantic 911 calls about a suicidal woman armed with a knife sent three deputies racing toward a town of Sweden home in western New York Thursday night. Before they arrived, another caller urged them to hurry because someone had been injured.

When deputies arrived moments later, they were confronted by 36-year old Hanane Mouhib, brandishing a large kitchen knife and refusing to drop it. Pepper spray and a Taser were used to disarm her and prevent her from harming other occupants in the house.

Once Mouhib was in custody, the deputies made a grisly discovery. They found the decapitated body of a young boy, later identified as her 7-year-old son Abraham E. Cardenas, in an adjacent room.

Authorities say they aren’t certain what events precipitated the gruesome attack.

“There’s absolutely no explanation for us,” Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said at a midday news conference on Friday. “The word ‘evil’ comes to mind … this is a mother who took her son’s life.”

But Baxter also said that deputies had been called to the location twice last month when Mouhib had called 911 seeking assistance, Baxter said.

On March 5, Baxter said it appeared that she recognized she was having mental health issues and called for help. Deputies took her to an area hospital.

Three days later, she again called 911 telling dispatchers that she did not feel right. Because of the record of the March 5 encounter, Mouhib was taken to Rochester General Hospital, where she received treatment from March 8 to 26.”

Mouhib is expected to return to Sweden Town Court tomorrow after the case is presented to a Monroe County grand jury. Sara VanStrydonck, the chief of the office’s Child Abuse Bureau, will be the person prosecuting this case.

If this woman called to arrange for herself to be put in a mental institution twice last month why was she allowed to be with her young children?

Also, why aren’t liberal news organizations like CNN reporting on this? We did a quick search on CNN’s site and found nothing.

Apparently, when Middle Eastern people living in the US cut their family member’s heads off, it just doesn’t fit left-wing media’s narrative.

More on this tragic story via WHEC 10

“Monroe County says there were no reports of violence by the mother of 7-year-old Abraham Cardenas against her children prior to Abraham’s murder last Thursday. His mother, Hanane Mouhib, is accused of killing Abraham.

At a news conference Tuesday morning with County Executive Chery Dinolfo, the head of the County’s Human Services Department said the county legally cannot say whether Child Protective Services had any contact with Abraham’s family before his death.

But Commissioner Corinda Crossdale said, “At no time did CPS have information to reflect that the mother involved in this matter was a violent risk to her children.”

Crossdale repeated her inability to reveal CPS information by law, but went on to say “I can, however, say that CPS never received reports of violence against the children by the mother in this case at any point up to the fatality investigation.”

Monroe County: No reports of violence by mother against her children before her son’s murder
The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says Mouhib stabbed and killed her son Abraham inside the family home just outside Brockport last Thursday.

Sheriff Todd Baxter said Mouhib called 911 twice, once on March 5 and again on March 8, complaining about “mental difficulties.” After the second 911 call, the sheriff said deputies made a mental hygiene arrest and took Mouhib to Rochester General Hospital. The sheriff said Mouhib was a patient at RGH until March 26.

Federal laws prohibit the hospital from telling News10NBC how and why Mouhib was able to leave the hospital and whether she did so voluntarily.

Less than two weeks after leaving RGH, Mouhib was arrested and charged with killing her son Abraham.

As a result of his death, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services ordered Monroe County to suspend what it calls the Family Assessment Response (FAR) program. FAR is an alternative to a regular child protective investigation.

The county’s website describes FAR as “an alternative response for some families reported for suspected maltreatment of their children. Rather than focusing on details of an incident, or determining whether or not abuse or maltreatment occurred, the focus will be on the safety of your children and providing services to meet the needs of your family. There will be NO determination. When Monroe County receives reports alleging child maltreatment, a decision is made to initiate a Child Protective Services Investigation or to engage the family in a Child Protective Services Family Assessment Response.”

Dinolfo ordered a review of the FAR program. She said the report should be done in 45 days. County officials said the review should not imply that the family of Abraham Cardenas had contact with CPS or the FAR program.

Crossdale said, “if a case gets referred to FAR, there can be no concerns about immediate risk to children in the family setting.”

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