FRANCE ON FIRE: A week of massive riots and horrifying violence continue after a Muslim woman was arrested for refusing to show her face because she was wearing a niqab

Last Sunday, on 15 April, a police patrol in Toulouse arrested a niqab wearing woman because she refused to show her face. In France a law adopted in 2010 states that no one public spaces may wear clothing that hides their face.

The event took place in the city’s migrant populated Mirail suburb and sparked five consecutive nights of violence.

Footage shows that the arrested woman is heavily resisting her arrest and she is shouting insults at the cops. In a matter of minutes, a group of protesters rapidly formed and forced the cops to throw tear gas grenades to disperse the crowd.

The woman was placed in custody and will be judged in mid-May for “rebellion, outrage and violence on a custodian person holding public authority”.

Unfortunately, the problems were just the beginning: In the same area, a few hours later, approximatively 100 rioters started to burn cars and containers. A police station in the area was attacked as well.

The cops were called, and a fight broke out between police and rioters. The police had to call the Republican Security Companies, a unit who specialize in crowd and riot control, and a helicopter.

A rioter, who was filming said in the video: “We were worried they weren’t coming (the cops), so we went to the commissariat to see if they’re ok. Apparently yes.”

The riots took place from Sunday night to Thursday night. As of right now, there have been: 23 arrests, 76 burned cars, 200 police mobilised and a 5th night of difficult sleep for the civilised habitants of the district.

Fortunately, there are no human injuries so far, which is actually surprising, especially when police were speaking of “well-orchestrated ambushes” that took place, with some people arrested with acetone bottles, gas bottles and mortars, ready to be thrown at the brave men and women in uniforms.

Several of the cars were destroyed with Molotov cocktails at a local Citroen dealer near the migrant suburb. Bernard Boyer, the head of the business is “desperate” and is lamenting a 110,000 euros loss. He told news outlet Ladepeche, previously in the 2005 riots, 6 cars had been burned in his business.


  1. I have no sympathy for Sweden or Germany France Italy Belgium and the UK They had a chance to vote and get the right Government to stop this crap they chose not to.

    They wanted a leftist snowflake government and that’s what they have ☝️ gang rapes.crime wave,more diseases.
    In breeding.😊 but sadly they’re not alone. But respect to Hungary for defending there borders ✊

    I hope on the next election the people will wake up and stop this muslim migrant barbaric invasion. Before it’s too late

  2. totally agree with Anthony pensavalle this is nothink but an invasion and the government’s ar sitting on there asses while they rape and pillage there nothink but a breed of inbred nonces and need wiping of the planet there a disease rotten to there dirty black hearts

  3. totally agree with the above statements it is up to the people of these counties to vote for leaders that will stop this barbaric invasion, however it would be a lot easier to get rid of the EU but sadly this cannot happen as they were never voted in in the first place. Their idea of a united Europe with mass immigration is insane

  4. Look bottom line is-MOST of these people DO NOT want to be apart of another country,they DO NOT want to assimilate, they are not your friends. Their arrogant, & self-righteous vermin, full of anger, hate, & misguided religious beliefs, Pray for these wayward loss people. All those that do not appreciate the counties that took them in, whether they left their country willingly or RAN, can be shipped back, its that simple. Governments need to stand up for their people, defend & protect them first.

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