BREAKING: FBI Raids NBC Studios, Shuts Down Saturday Night Live Just Hours Before Airtime

Saturday Night Live was preparing yet another evening of insults and false accusations about President Trump when their entire studio was shut down along with the NBC communications center at 30 Rockefeller Place in New York City. The FBI, armed with a federal warrant, will be searching the building for alleged communications between a news anchor and a suspected leak inside the trump White House.

As a side bonus, SNL will have to sit out tonight, and without a communications center to pull up and air a rerun, they’ll be forced to run whatever reruns they can find from local NBC affiliates. That means that Alec Baldwin will have to sit and pout while his beloved show is replaced with none other than The Celebrity Apprentice…starring Donald Trump.

The information about NBC and the leak will hopefully be confirmed after the FBI concludes their warrant search, but let’s face it…even if they find nothing one important mission has been accomplished.

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