THIS IS HUGE: Trump’s Secretary Of State Just Fired Every Hillary And Obama Person At The State Department

It’s time for some good news. In fact, it’s time for some EXCELLENT news. This couldn’t get any better. The Trump squad is finally getting in shape, and are moving every suspicious person aside.They only allow true supporters who will not be a disgrace to our President and to our Great Country. Rex Tillerson is cleaning it all!!!

Next stop- FBI, CIA, NSA.


Also, all the people who worked on the 7th floor are now FIRED. Those were the high positions that all of them wanted. But that’s non of Trump’s business. He just care about the work, and how can it be done more precisely and more effective. He also cares for your work ethics.

Trump needs to do more “cleansing” of the White House, and to know that there are people who are faithful like Rex, is a  HUGE relief, There should be no more leaking in the White House. It must be as clean as possible so that the President can do his job at his best, as he always does.


We do not need to see what are they talking about with other presidents of the world, we just need to be protected, there should be professionalism and secrecy as much as possible. Even WE have to stop leaking. We need to be united now as much as possible. He needs to KNOW that we support him unconditionally, so he can go on with doing his job as good as he’s been doing now, if not even better.


He is dragged all day every day, he has been stabbed in the back, manipulated, and all that he needs is safety and respect, so he can focus on his enemies. And we can help! We can stop them!!!  We need to give him the opportunity to run the country like he ran his company. Now that’s a country everybody would enjoy living!!!
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