Kilmeade Just Wiped The Floor With Nasty Meghan McCain For Idiotic Thing She Said, It’s Epic

Traitor Republican Senator John McCain and his extroverted TV commentator daughter Meghan McCain claim to be patriotic Americans, but instead of supporting our nation’s democratically elected President Donald Trump, they keep trying to undermine him.

This father and daughter combo clearly has no interest in paying attention to the facts during these troubled times, as clearly evidenced by the idiotic thing Meghan recently said on Fox News. Thankfully, Brian Kilmeade didn’t let her get away with it.


Meghan recently appeared on Outnumbered together with Kilmeade, where they discussed how Wikileaks just released a new giant dump of documents called “Vault 7″ which describes all the disturbing ways in which the CIA conducts investigations, even on regular Americans.


Instead of being concerned about the horrifying things the CIA are doing, however, McCain made a big scene and said that the real issue here is that the leaks happened, not what the leaks revealed. Said Meghan, trying to cover the CIA’s tracks for them, “Who is surprised that the CIA uses covert operations to infiltrate espionage? Duh! Watch one James Bond movie! Everyone knows this is what they do.”


Meghan added, “The fact you are showing … exactly how they do it, you are making our national security less safe.” Kilmeade cut her down to size, explaining that the real issue is with the CIA. He said, “I believe most people say that are in the know that this is worse than Edward Snowden and what he gave away, because it tells us how we do things. It gives other nations a sense of we can’t be trusted because we can’t control our own intelligence apparatus. It’s astounding how devastating this is.” Do you agree with Brian Kilmeade?


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