JUST IN : White House Serves Rosie O’Donnell With Lawsuit After She Posted This On Twitter

Rosie O’Donnell will be the defendant in a federal lawsuit brought against her by the White House. The suit, in which O’Donnell is implicated for falsifying and defaming the honor and integrity of the mansion and its staff, is in response for O’Donnell’s cruel and inflammatory remarks about the administration’s chief strategist and head of our national security, Steve Bannon.

Kristen MacDougall Terwilliger, assistant deputy to the deputy communication director’s assistant, Jeff the Twitter handler, told Chris Matthews on Hardball:

“By calling Steve Bannon a white supremacist on Twitter and refusing to apologize when ordered to do so by her cammander-in-chief, she has seriously damaged the reputation of the second most powerful man in the world and therefore the White House itself. She can’t just say whatever she wants and get away with it, even if it is true.”

Bannon, who was fuming after O’Donnell changed her profile picture on twitter to look like him, told reporters from the Milwaukee Sun and Anchorage Tribune that her unkind words and un-flattering picture shouldn’t be directed at the guy who is looking to replace the Senate Pro Tempore as the 4th in the line of succession. Bannon said:


“I call the shots in this house. President Trump makes the decisions but ultimately he asks me first. Someone with that kind of influence on our nation’s government is above the ‘parody’ and ‘satire’ allowed by the first amendment. I’m not one to be trifled with. When I’m involved, lives are at risk. Rosie needs to learn some respect.”


The suit aims to gag O’Donnell from any further attacks against anyone in the Trump administration and will serve as precedent for other libtard celebrities who think they can just open their big mouths and spew their opinions like they matter. ISIS is out there. We have better things to worry about than these jerks.



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