Hannity Is Calling For His Fans Support… Will You Join Him In This Mission?

Throughout the election, when the majority of the nation and the mainstream media doubted Donald Trump, Sean Hannity stood behind him. Now that Trump is in the White House, liberals continue to discredit him and try to take him down. In a recent segment, Hannity addressed the media’s attempts to end Trump’s presidency.

In the show’s opening monologue Hannity referenced Rachel Maddow’s decision to “expose” Trump’s tax returns.

“NBC’s corporate jihad against President Donald Trump continues,” Hannity commented. “All right, NBC has now hit a new low by releasing the president’s tax returns, or a small portion of them, last night. But what we’re seeing from the alt left propaganda destroy Donald Trump media—it’s not new.”

“Not that Donald Trump occupies the Oval Office, the opposition party press is going to new extremes and lows to try and take down his presidency, and they won’t stop until he’s out of office,” he continued. “I’ve been saying since 2008 right here on this program, journalism is dead. Now it’s in the ground, buried, flowers on top. And last night’s political hit job by NBC is just the latest example in the media’s long list of attacks against the president.”

Watch the segment below and tell us what you think. Do you agree with Hannity?


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