BREAKING: Obamas Kicked Out Of Their Church–Pastor Says He Had ‘No Choice’

The Obamas were in Chicago this morning looking to attend the church they’ve pretended to be members of for more than 20 years. Everyone knows that as secret Muslims they don’t really do any praying to the real God, but until today they at least had their congregation fooled.

Fortunately fo all of them and for Christianity in general, the Obamas were exposed and the truth was undeniable. According to Reverend Kiana Laboutris of theFirst Baptist Church of Chicago:


“It became apparent this morning that the Lord no longer wants the former first family in our church. When they walked through the door, the cross behind the pulpit hit the floor. That cross has been there without incident for more than 120 years.


Then, as they sat down, a black dove flew through a stained glass window, right through the head of Sampson, and landed in a bloody clump at Barack’s feet. When Michelle and the girls stood up to scream, the holy water well shattered and spilled all over the terra cotta floor, turning the water as red as blood.


With thosethree signs and the crying and pleas of so many other members, I had no choice but to pray to the Lord for guidance. He told me they weren’t true believers and that I had to expel by showing me a vision of them praying to the East in the White House residence.”

It wasn’t so much the church or its pastor that kicked the Obamas to the curb…it was God himself. If that’s not proof that he should never have been our president, nothing is.


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