BREAKING: Michelle Obama In Tears After Being Booed…By Children

Michelle Obama was beside herself with sorrow yesterday when an event designed to continue pushing her disgusting “healthy lunch initiative” went south quickly. More than 1000 children were gathered into the front rows of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York to welcome the former first lady when Stephen Colbert, who was hosting the event for his liberal pal, made an announcement that changed everything:

“I’ll bet you guys didn’t know it, but Mrs. Obama is more than just a First Lady. She’s also the one responsible for those yummy lunches you get at school.”

At that point, 1000 children, ranging from 2nd to 5th grade, started booing, throwing wadded up pieces of the event program and giant spitballs and shouting things ranging from “thanks a lot, lady” to “you suck!” At first she tried to laugh it off and keep going, but the more she spoke the angrier the children got. Finally, with a steady stream of tears running down her face, she stormed away and the event was canceled.

Marion Welch, whose third-grader was in the crowd, said the parents seated behind the kids were powerless to stop it. “You don’t mess with a grade school kid’s lunch,” she said, “My little boy has been complaining about the crap they serve since Kindergarten. This year he brings a bag lunch, but they still give him a bag of gross food with her face on it. It’s almost like they just want to waste money and claim she did something worthwhile.

Mrs. Obama’s lunch initiative was signed into law in 2011 while the Democrats had power in congress to ruin all of our lives with things like Obamacare and healthy food. They learned really fast that the American people don’t need to be told what to eat or when to go to the doctor.

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