1Love And HonorDKNC896,123
2A Knight´s WatchDolorousEdditor669,828
3 A Different Weasel Makes A Difference Antony444345,627
4Mummers´ Showpinkolifant338,982
5Rhaegar, Lyanna and JonLittle_Ghost14319,463
6Robb Returns42AngryCymraeg317,899
7Lupus Et DracoVVSIGNOFTHECROSS248,370
8Winter´s ChildVVSIGNOFTHECROSS246,505
9A LightnessFancyKid245,382
10There´ll Be Some Changes MadeSimplyLucia243,607
11 A Stich In Time Will 0´the Wisp236,765
12Pride And PackAllTheDances225,759
13The Dragon Of DuskendaleKerjack215,620
14Not Todayebmordecai200,138
15Divided LoyaltiesVVSIGNOFTHECROSS199,021
17Stealing The Darkheartsweetsunray193,649
18The Dragon In The WallMizu_umi191,916
19The Seven Bind Their FateRoseHeart191,702
20Acts of TreasonSecond Star On The Left190,678
21A Sweet Poisonemmiemac184,379
22A Walk With Frost And Fire (and Death And Snow)LuxEvergreen181,017
23His New GirlSarah_Black179,432
24Sins Of The FatherJonStark176,155
25Tales From The SandVVSIGNOFTHECROSS175,283
26And The Birds Sing No MoreAzraelGFG173,347
27 The Great Alliance BeastWithinProductions168,863
28The Reason Is Yousmokingsea165,327
29 Alyssa´s Tears pinkolifant157,096
30 A Wolf And Her Lion dancewithdragons155,969
31No Featherbed For Melit_chick08154,386
33A Dance With Ice And FireShirleyAnn66149,860
34The Lady Of Storm´s EndSarah_Black148,207
35I Became The Daughter And The SonGilraenDernhelm137,897
36The Covering SkyRellie136,469
37A World AloneJillypups131,097
38Like Two Branches In A River2shytheshippy127,120
39The King Of WinterfellFrozenSnares125,000
41 Black Sheep, White Wolf SloanTheIrishSon120,768
42The Children Of Ice And FireVVSIGNOFTHECROSS120,150
43A Realm In RebellionsirloPPolaris119,816
44The Caged She-Wolfcrossfirehurricane118,201
45 As High As Honour DannyBlack70117,982
46A Year From Nowmrstater117,465
47The Way We Werecrossfirehurricane114,512
48Learn To Love What Burnsjynscassian113,953
49The Day Is Dark And Full Of QuestionsMaracuya112,104
50 A Future We Would Make Ourselves littlelights111,753
51Winged Knights And Their FavorsTigerOfSummer111,740
52The Last King Of WinterOyzmandias90111,313
53Of Dragons, Roses And A Second-Hand Matchjoely_jo110,480
54Dancing StagsVVSIGNOFTHECROSS109,965
55Cut It Out And Then Restartonborrowedwings105,775
56Before Destructionrenaissance102,716
59 A Song Of Steel Egleriel101,132
60What Dreams May ComeLittlefeather100,846
61DragonstoneDanivat (DannieU)100,466

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