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Prolessa Duo 7-Day Challenge

Protessa Duo

You can purchase your Prolessa® Duo 7 day canister by filling out the form below. You will be set up with a challenge coach and they will be helping you along the way.

On the first day, in the morning, measure your upper waist (under breasts but above your waistline), waist, and hips. You will also need to take a selfie of yourself in snug fitting clothes so that you can see your size. Then send a copy of your picture and your beginning measurements via either text or email to your Challenge coach.

Each evening, for seven days, you will mix one scoop of Prolessa® Duo with 2 oz. water. Drink like a shot, real quick.

Then on the 8th morning you will retake measurements and pic. This will show the difference for your body.

The pictures will not be published or posted anywhere. The only thing that will be available will be your first name and before and after measurements on INCHES LOSE board on our website challenger’s board.

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