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3 Day Trial Pack

3-Day Trial Pack

Ready to change your health and energy levels, then our 3-day trial is for you. Our trial pack requires you to give us a 5-minute commitment each day plus replacing 2 meals a day with our healthy meal replacement shakes. Sound hard, nope probably the easiest thing you will have to do this week.

The commitment is simple. For the $25.00, (shipped to anywhere in the Continental  United States) you will receive 6 meal replacement shakes and 2 packets of our metabolism boosting tablets.

On the day, you start you will weigh yourself, send a picture of the weight and your little toes. Sending that picture via email to your wellness coach with the completed wellness profile so that at the end of the challenge we can go over your answers.

You will drink 2 healthy meal replacement shakes per day plus take 1 metabolism boosting tablet two times during the day, then have 1 colorful meal plus 2 protein snacks.

Each day you must have at least a 5-minute conversation with your wellness coach, just checking in, making sure that everything is going great.

Then on the 4th day you will reweigh yourself, taking and emailing/texting a picture of your scale and toes. At that point you will receive another call with your wellness coach to discuss how you feel, the energy you have gained and go over your answers from your profile that you filled out before you started. At this point, you can discuss the next steps that you can take to continue to feel the energy, weight control, and other options that are open for you.

That’s the whole program, nothing to it, right? Fill out the Challenge Form and a wellness coach will be in contact with you shortly. Here’s to your happy, healthier change.

  • For $25.00 you will 6 meal replacement shakes (product info) and 3 packets of our Total Control® tablets.
    Price: $25.00
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