BREAKING: President Trump’s Latest Executive Order Will Make Retirees VERY Happy

President Trump has been working diligently behind the scenes to make sure every retiree in America has the kind of security Obama worked so hard to take away. During the reign of the Kenyan tyrant, taxes on Social Security income rose 4 percent while cost of living increases virtually disappeared, leaving far too many with less than they needed to survive.


At the same time, Medicare was also torn to pieces and buried under a mountain of red tape. Retirees felt the burn of the Obama administration worse than anyone. President Trump just changed all that, ordering the US Treasury to restore the cost of living increases and issue checks to all retirees to cover their losses for the past eight years.


To be fair to all, Trump issued the order to be retroactive to anyone 65 or older as of today, meaning if you were over 57 years old in 2009 you’ll be receiving a check in the mail, courtesy of your president, for $4,106. That should go a long way towards helping to heal the pain of 8 years of a traitor.


You won’t need to do anything to qualify for the relief fund other than be a US citizen who files a tax return every year. The measure is expected to cost nearly $40 billion, which will be cut from spending on social services that are far over-funded, such as food stamps and the CHIP program. It’s time we started taking care of those who have contributed the longest and for the younger generation to learn to care for themselves.


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