BREAKING: MSNBC Forced To Fire Rachel Maddow Over Illegal Trump Tax Documents

The White House OIC warned Rachel Maddow before her show that while the tax documents she obtained were authentic, it was illegal for her to publish the. In a statement to the show, Trump spokesman Jeff Derpinger even threw Maddow a bone by confirming the numbers on the president’s form 1040 from 2005.

“She could have easily used that statement, still had the numbers she reported and not gotten herself into such hot water by publishing those forms illegally,” Derpinger told Fox News, “This is her own fault.” Maddow, who was arrested, charged and released last night right after the show aired, says she doesn’t regret doing her job and reminded the public that the “free press,” otherwise known as the lying media, has a duty to expose Trump.

Expose Trump? All she did was prove that he pays more in taxes in a single year than the bottom half of Americans combined will in their lifetime. So what if he pays a lower rate than a school teacher or wants to do away with a law that will let him keep more. He paid his taxes and that’s all that matters.

We don’t need to know all the particulars on all the forms. Who cares if he made money from some Russian guy who was stupid and paid too much for a house? He negotiated a good deal like he always does. It doesn’t matter. Maddow tried and failed and now she’s out of a job.


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