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Scott Disick’s massive bulge has captivated the world

WHOOMP! There it is.

Never have the lyrics to the 1993 Tag Team hit been more appropriate.

There’s no classy way to write this. Scott Disick stepped out this week wearing some grey sweatpants that showed off his massive bulge.

And that’s not us overselling it. Take a look at the evidence and try not seeing it.

You can see it from space.

You can see it from space.Source:BackGrid

Trying to zoom in on your iPhone? We’ve got your back.



Since the outing, countless news stories have been written about the bulge. As gossip site Celebuzz noted: “We need to talk about these photos of Scott Disick’s Bulge”. It also caught the eye of Cosmopolitan, with the site publishing an article titled: “FACT. You Can’t Spell Disick Without D I C K”.

The Mirror dragged Disick’s ex Kourtney Kardashian into it with the headline: “Scott Disick shows Kourtney Kardashian what she’s missing with a surprisingly big bulge”.

Turns out, it wasn’t just the angle or the lighting. Apparently, Scott just has a big one.

“It’s like an elephant’s trunk,” Kourtney said of Disick’s package in a 2011 interview with xoJane. “Scott was wearing a suit with no underwear last night, so you could see, like, something.”

So there you go. Print the photo out and put it on your fridge.

Did we used the word “bulge” enough in this story?



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