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June 2015

Trucking and Obesity

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Did you know that 86% of truckers are overweight? Do you realize that Truck Drivers have a life expectancy that is 17 years less than the national average?When we are young and overweight, we think that we're bulletproof. But as we age being overweight leads to Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension and Sleep [...]

The Sugar Series

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 Here are the facts about COKE!Coca Cola12 oz (355 ml) CanSugars, total: 39 gCalories, total: 140Calories from sugar: 140*20 oz (590 ml) BottleSugars, total: 65 gCalories, total: 240Calories from sugar: 2401 Liter (34 oz) BottleSugars, total: 108 gCalories, total: 400Calories from sugar: 400*You'll notice that if you do the math on many of these, the [...]

Drivers and the DOT Sleep Study Requirements

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Driver Safety and Sleep Apnea Some commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders are required to undergo testing for sleep apnea. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) goal is to reduce commercial vehicle related fatalities and injuries. A FMCSA study found is that an estimated 28% of Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders suffered from some form of sleep [...]

102 Low-cost ideas for workplace HEALTH and WELLNESS

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The following ideas for workplace wellness can be implemented with limited resources. Many of these ideas have been found to help employees of all physical abilities maintain their health.PHYSICAL ACTIVITY1. Encourage employees to walk to a specific location and log individual miles for incentive prizes. 2. Participate in community walks (i.e., March of Dimes or walks [...]

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