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10 Day Sugar Detox/Mini Weight Loss Challenge

Sugar Detox

A few rules that will be part of this challenge:

(SHARE THIS POST to indicate you read and agree to the rules. More detailed instructions will follow. Please feel free to remove yourself from this challenge if you decide that these commitments are not for you. We understand that this is not for everyone.)

Follow these rules like your life depends on it! 

  1. AVOID all foods listed in the “Do not eat” food list. (Coming soon)
  2. Add your BEFORE PICTURE with current weight. Give a brief description of yourself (i.e. age, children, job, struggles, weaknesses, strengths, hobbies are OPTIONAL but encouraged), so we get to know each other a little.
  3. Add your AFTER PICTURE within 24 hours of completion.
  4. Active involvement in posting and commenting – POST, LIKE, COMMENT as often as possible!
  5. Comment to “DAILY POST” that will appear daily before noon. 
  6. Post a PHOTO showing a favorite dish or dessert with the recipe that you have made. The ingredients must comply with the AVOID LIST.
  7. Post one short VIDEO with you demonstrating your favorite workout. The video must be at home or outdoors (the point is not at a gym) and without tools like bands, dumbbells, etc. 
  8. Any files, photos, weight numbers, etc. are to be kept CONFIDENTIAL unless the person or author gives permission (written, and as part of the file, photo, etc.) – NO SHARING WITHOUT PERMISSION!

This challenge officially begins, Monday 20 July 2015 and ends on 29 July 2015. Final postings, results, etc. will be posted by the end of Day 12 on 31 July 2015. At this point, we will create and publicly post a GROUP RESULT (pounds lost as a group, weight loss in % as a group). You can tag yourself in the results picture.

The Detox Challenge entry fee is $10. Part of this fee will go to the winners of mini weight loss challenge.

Good luck and congratulations on learning how to EAT CLEAN!

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