We Asked David Liebe Hart to Critic Art from ‘Arts and Laughs’

David Liebe Hart chatted with The Brunch Club about painting, paint brushes, art school and other wacky art stuff at a road-stop on his 'Space Ranger' tour.

David’s prolific career in the arts visuels includes pieces such as 7-Legged Space Unicorn and A cat. For two years we've been collection fan art made at 'Arts and Laughs' shows in Montreal and Toronto. Like a hoarding mother who's favourite pastime is scrap booking, we continue to hold on to the mountain of construction paper and dried out play-dough sculptures. Given David's talents  we wanted to get his critic of some of the favourites pieces we've collected.  

Arts and Laughs - 1

"That looks like a bowl of fruit that looks good to eat.  And eyes.  Looks spooky like a ghost fruit." – David Liebe Hart

Arts and Laughs - 2

"Wow...  I hate to say what this looks like.  It looks like a penis.  Letting it all hang out.  Sexy for women." – David Liebe Hart

Arts and Laughs -3

"Wow!  That looks like a man's head on a penis.  Peter Potimas The Penis." – David Liebe Hart

Arts and Laughs - 4

"That looks like someone sad." – David Liebe Hart

Arts and Laughs - 5

"Looks like a one-eyed hippie monster." – David Liebe Hart

Arts and Laughs - 6

"Man...  It looks like my aunt Frankie Drucker." – David Liebe Hart