Heinz PANICS After What Muslim Workers Were Caught Putting In Ketchup

The food processing company Heinz is back peddling after a video taken in one of their factories went viral. Unfortunately for them, a few Muslims decided to simply ignore the rules of the facility, and now, consumers are fuming after seeing what the Islamists put in a machine that would eventually crank out countless bottles of ketchup to be distributed across several countries.

The incident allegedly took place just outside of Cairo, Egypt, where Heinz owns and operates a factory to distribute their world-renowned ketchup. As if the fact that 88% of the population in the country are Muslim wasn’t enough to determine that the factory workers were members of the Islamic religion, the head coverings they were seen wearing in the video certainly is.

Unfortunately for Heinz, it seems that at least one employee knew that what was happening in their plant was wrong and decided to not only capture video of the matter but snap a few photos as well. Since then, it has been brought to light that the Muslims in the plant either didn’t want to waste the time it would take to discard several containers full of rotten tomatoes or were ordered by management not to throw them away.

Employees can be seen throwing tomatoes into a machine that would eventually produce ketchup to be pumped into bottles, but there are a couple of big problems. Not only are some of the vegetables rotten, the employee throwing them into the outdoor vat stepped on other open boxes of tomatoes to reach the highest boxes.

Of course, the trampled produce would later be thrown into the machine as well after the disgusting footwear had already come into contact with it. As one would imagine, consumers were downright furious after seeing the footage and immediately demanded a change in procedure to ensure that it would never happen again.

After the public backlash, Heinz was eventually forced to make a statement in which they tried to explain away the incident. Saying that the “edited” video gave an “unreal picture,” the company then went on to insist that they are “100 percent committed to quality.”

“The edited footage shows an unreal picture and neglects the processing stages, hence gives the wrong impression. It is important for everyone to know that we use only healthy tomatoes, all of which are processed using industry-best standards. As always, we remain 100 percent committed to the cleanliness and quality of our tomatoes and the safety of our consumers.” [Source: Mail Online]

Unfortunately for them, not everyone is buying it. When proper quality control is adhered to, this kind of thing never happens, but that’s what you get when you go to countries that don’t strictly follow the appropriate guidelines.

In fact, this case provides a strong argument for why we, as Americans, should ensure that our products come from our home country, given the rules set in place here that go above and beyond those seen in other places. After all, you never know when someone is going to deem it acceptable to feed people rotten food simply because they’ll never know about it. That’s downright unacceptable.


  1. Well they just lost my business for anything made by them I’m going to definitely pass this along to everyone I know.

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