BREAKING: Hannity Gets In Fist Fight With CNN Anchor And Only One Is Charged With Assault

Shortly after President Trump’s speech before congress, Fox News host Sean Hannity was headed to the White House to do an interview and spend a few minutes with his old friend when he ran into jake Tapper from CNN. According to a Fox intern who was at the scene, Tapper got a little bit lippy, telling Hannity that his “boy” really “screwed the pooch” in his speech.


Who knows what speech Tapper was watching since the speech the rest of America heard was absolutely perfect. Nonetheless, Tapper kept taunting Hannity until the exchange got so heated that the two men were nose to nose. Then it happened. Tapper pushed Hannity backward and Hannity responded with a right cross. A few punches later and Tapper was on the ground begging for mercy.



The intern, a young man named Rory Shottenridder, says he captured the whole thing on his cell phone camera but the Capitol police confiscated it to be used against Tapper, who made contact first. Tapper was given a criminal summons to appear in court on charges of assault and battery.

Just another example of a “tolerant” liberal not being able to control his hate and anger.



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