Fox News’ Diana Falzone Just Got Heartbreaking News, Will You Pray For Her?

Diana Falzone is an up and coming reporter at Fox News, and clearly appeared to have a bright future ahead of her. Unfortunately, her life didn’t go quite the way she had intended for this rising star.

Falzone suddenly fell ill, and had symptoms of severe bleeding and severe pain, who caused her to be rushed to her local hospital’s emergency room. Unfortunately, the emergency room’s doctors could not determine what was wrong with her, so Falzone ended up seeing a specialist. That’s whaen she was hit with some deeply sad news.

The specialist looked inside her uterus, and told her that she needed to have surgery. It turned out that Falzone was suffering from a disease called endometriosis. Tragically, because of this disease, Falzone was told by her doctor that she would not be able to have any children. Stated Diana, “I had heard of endometriosis but was not aware of how much of an impact it could have on one’s body, let alone possible infertility.”

She added, in a message to her supporters, “If you have symptoms of endometriosis, do not be afraid to advocate for yourself. Trust your intuition and seek out a specialist. Remember, not all medical practitioners are well-versed with the signs of this disease.”

Falzone still wants to be a mother, so she said she is thinking about adopted. Explained Diana, “I strongly believe a child chooses you. If I’m meant to have a child biologically I will. If not, there are many children that need loving, supportive homes and when and if that time comes I would welcome that.” Will you pray for Diana?


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