BREAKING: Melissa McCarthy FIRED From $8 Million Acting Gig Thanks To President Trump

Liberal actress Melissa McCarthy has lost a major contract with a 20th Century FOX affiliated company over her attacks on the president and his press secretary, Sean Spicer. McCarthy, who dressed like Spicer for two separate Saturday Night Live appearances, went too far with her impression and impugned the dignity and honor of the Office of the President and his senior staff.

President Trump in return sent a letter to the Fox-affiliated “Worldwide Pants” company and requested that as a matter of national pride, McCarthy not be allowed to portray the legendary Janet Reno in an upcoming movie about the Reagan years. McCarthy was cast in the role and signed a contract for nearly $8 million plus backend royalties.

The producers of the movie, who cast Will Ferrel as President Reagan in his first ever serious role and James Woods as President George H.W. Bush, have decided to agree to the president’s wishes rather than have him destroy their business with a series of well-placed tweets. Melissa McCarthy, who is near bankruptcy because of her stupid liberal spending, may find herself selling her $4 million Malibu home to survive, as it seems nobody in Hollywood wants a woman who can so perfectly impersonate a man for any of their leading roles.

The film’s director, Ron Howard, told Fox News:

“I wasn’t very impressed with her anyway. When I saw how terribly she disrespected our president I was a little concerned that the people wouldn’t respond well to her.”

It just goes to show that America is becoming what it should be: a nation where respect means something and you don’t just get to say whatever you want about your leader and get away with it.

source :http://thelastlineofdefense.org

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